Cold Spray R&D Center

Our R&D team in the in-house "Cold Spray R&D Center" has set itself the goal of developing industrial solutions using the cold spray process in order to exceed the limits of existing technologies.

Impact Innovations is the global market leader for cold gas technology and, in addition to industrial plant engineering, also offers research and development services. The combination of R&D and plant manufacturing is one of the key factors for the successful implementation of the cold spray process in the industry.

As an established system manufacturer, we are able to offer our customers innovative development services in our in-house R&D laboratory, the "Cold Spray R&D Center". We create added value in all project phases.

Impact Innovations sees itself as an industry and solution partner for users from all over the world in order to establish the cold spray process as a promising manufacturing technology.

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A cooperation with our "Cold Spray R&D Center"
offers you many advantages:

Latest "Cold Spray R&D Center" news

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Cold Spraying Ti-6Al-4V

Impact Innovations has developed the Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing process for Ti-6Al-4V using nitrogen as propelling gas.

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