Cold Spray Systems by Impact Innovations

We take pride in our specially developed series of Impact Spray Systems. Esteemed companies from around the globe and across diverse industries have placed their trust in the expertise and innovative prowess of our team for many years.

Our objective is to firmly establish the cold spray process as an exceptional industrial production technology within the field.

The latest generation of Impact Cold Spray Systems

We take pride in unveiling the latest evolution of Impact Cold Spray Systems: the Impact Spray System EvoCSII.

This state-of-the-art system features a greater number of sensors, thereby providing optimal monitoring throughout the cold spray process.

Thanks to the newly developed and enhanced components of the Impact Spray System EvoCSII, achieving flawlessly cold-sprayed coatings is now possible.

Additional components

Numerous additional system components are available to optimize the cold spray process and increase the productivity of the Impact cold spray systems.