Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing Orthogrid Structures


An orthogrid is a type of isogrid that has rectangular instead of triangular openings. This type of grid structure is used to reinforce extremely durable components that are mainly used in aerospace and aerospace components.

With our Impact Spray System it is possible to manufacture orthogrids additively without wasting valuable material.

During the cold spraying process, an Al alloy is sprayed onto the part in horizontal and vertical directions, whereby the lattice structure is built up layer by layer. Grid structure heights of several centimeters are possible.

    Key facts
  • Plate size: 800 mm x 600 mm
  • Plate thickness: 8 mm
  • Height of structure build up after post-milling: 23 mm
  • Structure width after post-milling: 3 mm
  • Material saving: 70%
  • Reduction of manufacturing time: 50%

Conventional production method

Orthogrid structure components are in most cases milled out of solid material. In order to be able to produce wall thicknesses < 1 mm, chemical milling processes are used in addition. To be able to produce large components with this production method, very large and complex multi-axis milling machines are required. Since > 60% of the material must be milled out, this manufacturing method is very material and time consuming.

Cold Spray as an alternative production method

The big difference to conventional production: The orthogrid structure is additively applied onto a base plate (outer skin of the component) using cold gas spraying. As a result, the stiffening structure is applied layer by layer up to the final geometry. After the additive build up of the stiffening structure, an optional post-milling can be performed. In case of post-milling is necessary, only a final contour-milling and no clearing-milling of the contour pocket is required.



From frying pans to space technology - the spectrum of possible applications is huge.


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